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Carlsbad Village Mercedes & Volvo is a full-service auto repair facility with fair pricing and provides quality work. We are located in the heart of the Village of downtown Carlsbad, California.  Honesty, expertise and dependability: That’s what you should expect from our staff. We are dedicated to keeping your car maintained and you satisfied. No job is to small or big whether it’s an oil change, a quick repair, or a tune up, we have the expertise to do the job right. We pride ourselves on being your dealership alternative.

Repair Services


If you’ re like most drivers, you rely on your brakes to keep you safe on the road.  No other system in the car is as important for your safety.  Keeping your brake system in tip-top shape should be your top priority.  If your brakes are starting to fail or are showing signs of wear and tear, you need a reliable source for brake repair work, and that’s exactly where we come in.
These are some common problems that require brake service and repair:
Wear:   The braking system does a lot of work and the brake pads take the brunt of the punishment.  It is a good idea to have you brake pads checked every 6 months or when you suspect a problem.  Symptoms include squeaking, grinding, or increased stopping distance.  Most pads have a thin metal tab which vibrates against the rotor when the pads wear down to a dangerous level. Some pads do not have this and if not checked periodically can wear down far enough to ruin the rotors.
Warped Rotors:  More common in newer cars, but possible on all disc brake systems. Rotors warp due to being overheated or incorrect tightening of the wheel.  A warped rotor will give a pulsing feeling when applying the brakes.  This pulsing can be annoying and dangerous. The Rotars are thin and warp very easily.
Dirty Braking System: When brakes are caked in dirt and grime, they have to work harder to make your car stop.  It increases your safety when you keep your wheels and braking system clean.  Clean brakes work better and keep temperatures down.


Oil changes are the most common form of regular auto maintenance and are the best way to ensure longer engine life.  If you frequently take short trips where the car doesn’t always completely warm up, then oil changes are even more important because acid and moisture buildup does not have a chance to burn off. 
Missing a single oil change on some new cars can cause an engine to develop sludge, which can cause engine damage in a car with as little as 15,000 miles on the odometer. Today’s modern oils contain detergents and additives that are designed to protect against sludge formation, but if you regularly do a lot of stop and go driving, like during rush hour, engine heat will eventually break down these additives and will stop protecting your engine.


There are many sensors and computerized components that manage your vehicles engine performance and emissions. When one of these fails, the “check engine” light is illuminated.  A diagnostic Service is needed to retrieve the code. There are some codes that are more urgent than others. We can assist you with this diagnostic service.


A properly tuned automobile can improve your gas mileage and performance, and it also helps keep our environment greener.  With today’s gas prices, having your car inspected annually is the best determination to see  if your vehicle would benefit from a tune up.  It’s also a  great way to save money on gas, keep your car performing at its best, and have a longer lifespan.
Tune ups from Carlsbad Village Mercedes & Volvo include the inspection and adjustment of all the systems that contribute to efficient fuel combustion. How do you know when you need a tune up service?  If you keep track of your gas mileage and it worsens by 10% or more, it’s time for a tune up.  Many drivers also seek a car tune up when experiencing any type of sluggish response from their vehicle.


Changing the fluids in your radiator is especially important and is often called a “Cooling Service” for your car cooling system.  Radiator coolant keeps your engine from overheating and corroding, but that same fluid can corrode your engine if you leave it in too long.  Over a significant period of time, the static charge of the engine makes the fluid acidic and it eats up the aluminum pipes of your cooling system, making your engine vulnerable to major malfunction.  So, it’s important to periodically take your vehicle in for a cooling system service or repair.


If your air conditioning doesn’t keep you as cool as it used to, your system may be experiencing low pressure and we can top off your coolant.  If your auto air conditioning system is not working at all, perhaps there are other issues, like bad switches, bad fuses, broken wires, fan belt, or seal failures.


How often should you get your transmission serviced?  The vast majority of transmission failures could be avoided if people changed the fluid and filter at the manufacturer’s recommended time.  It is  recommended that you service your transmission every 3 years/36,000 miles or consult your owner’s manual.

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